Our UtahFitFam community is growing! With thousands of local followers, the @utahfitfam Instagram page is an amazing way to give exposure to your business and get it in front of thousands of potential customers. The #utahfitfam tag has been used over 55k times by Utahns in just one year! 


1. Choose a Giveaway

Choosing what item or service to use as your giveaway is the most important part of this process. Featuring a better giveaway will increase the chance of it going viral. If your giveaway is very desirable, people will have increased motivation to enter and share it with their friends. In turn, you will gain brand awareness and more exposure to the services/products you offer. You will also gain more targeted followers and future customers. 

2. Schedule It

We schedule the giveaway, and on the designated day, we feature the giveaway on our social media account. We also add your website link and information into our bio.

3. Sit Back and Relax

 Within minutes of posting your giveaway, your social media account will increase with new likes and followers who are genuine, local and engaged. 


Featured Giveaway - $50

Your giveaway will be featured on our Instagram Account.

Shoutout - $30

You don’t want to participate in a giveaway, but would like us to do a “Shoutout” for you on our page.  You can write one up for us or we can write one up.

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